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William Cumpiano's
String Instrument Newsletter

Newsletter 1: Diagnosing a Neck Reset I
Don't decide until you've exhausted all simpler adjustments
Newsletter 2: Diagnosing a Neck Reset II
Measuring and setting the action height and verifying the scale PLUS words of wisdom from Mr. Epiphone himself!
Newsletter 3: Diagnosing a Neck Reset III
How the neck angle and the string's back angle are related--and why it matters greatly
Newsletter 4: Arching fingerboards
A meditation upon different arching schemes, and their rationale
Newsletter 5: Positive and negative fretboard angles
Where the fingerboard meets the soundboard: a train wreck?
Newsletter 6: Science, Art and Guitar Proselytizing
Personal notes on the Kasha system
Newsletter 7: Neck Angle Value
How much of this value is in your guitar?
Newsletter 8: Any Questions?
Reader inquiries: what do I think of the Kasha system? How do you set up classical guitars? What is the Journal of Guitar Acoustics?
Newsletter 9: Acoustic Guitar Amplification I
Notes on contact pickups and strip transducers.
Newsletter 10: Acoustic Guitar Amplification II
Notes on internal guitar microphones, guitar plate tuning and Gibson headaches.
Newsletter 11: Ignore Mother Nature--At Your Peril!
How some basic understanding of wood anatomy allows me to guarantee my instruments for life
Newsletter 12: Hang in there!
Some sound advice for aspiring members
Newsletter 13: Any Questions? II
Do luthiers make good acousticians? Is a centerseam necessary? ..and the Problem G string.
Newsletter 14: Any Questions? III
Fret end sharpies, fretboard dings, and why not finish the guitar's interior?
Newsletter 15: Any Questions? IV
Does it hurt to take all the strings off at once? Necks under stress..
Newsletter 16: Tap tones, guitar graphite, etc.
Birth of the graphite laminate soundboard; tap tones; Bridge size, and so forth...
Newsletter 17: I get letters...Lots of letters.
Bad intonation, bad neck angle problems; cedar vs. spruce; exchange about guitar stress analysis
Newsletter 18: More letters.
Neck bolt issues, neck angle issues, issues and more issues