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A short anthology of published, unpublished articles & transcriptions
by William R. Cumpiano

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Dynamite marquetry patterns

William's own hardware- based neck joint system

Notes on acoustic bass guitars

Ever heard of a TRES?

William's tribute to
Manuel Velázquez, greatest living luther


William's transcriptions:

Andres Segovia Page:
An unprecedented, lengthy personal interview with the cantankerous Guitar God himself, and his 1928 New York debut press reviews!
The French banjo-maker/ theorist, Auguste Clodpolle
..who soaked his banjo heads in Cognac
Correspondence with a Russian guitarmaker
You think it's a difficult craft? Try being a luthier in the old Soviet Union!


The Romance of the Individually Handmade Guitar
An analysis of the hand-building scene in the United States
Wood's Appearance
Why is curly maple curly? Why is rosewood purple and mahogany red? What are birdseyes? Bear claws?
Book review: "GUITARS: The Tsumura Collection"
American musical treasures in Japan
Book review: "Things About the Guitar" by Jose Ramírez III
Commentaries on the life of a world-class guitarmaker
How Good is This Guitar?
Evaluate a guitar as a luthier would
Haselbacher's Varnish Finish
A chance encounter and a tip from a master guitarmaker
Questions and Answers
A collection of published and unpublished guitar questions and answers
Zero Frets and Saddle Placement
An inquiry from an Austrian enthusiast, and a clarification that should have been in my book
Translating Cultures
A spark of traditional Puerto Rican music still glows in a Holyoke, Massachusetts, tenement
Preservation through Utilization: The Paradoxes of Rainforest Protection
A guitarmaker confronts his complicity in the despoliation of the rain forests
Don't love your guitar to death!
The real scoop on fingerboard oil and guitar polishes
Proper Care Guidelines for the Guitar
I'll guarantee the new guitar I made for you, provided you follow these sensible guidelines---a basis for a lasting partnership!