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Cumpiano Wedge Guitars

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Wedge guitar on bench.jpg

"Like a patient etherized upon the table," a radical-wedged Curly Koa cutaway steel string gets a clean up and adjustment upon my workbench.

Jazz classic on table 6.jpg (95455 bytes)

Look again. Yes, its got a steel-string template, with 14-frets to the body and an arched fingerboard. But wait, isn't that a classic bridge...and tied-on strings? This is a moderately-wedged NYLON string guitar I call the Jazz Wedge Nylon was recently purchased by recording guitarist Marian Heyman, who is also a member of the board of the Connecticut Classical Guitar Society. She loved the extra frets and the wedge, she found, was very comfortable to hold: ("I don't shift around in my chair as much when I play"). A state of the art pickup system made it just right for her stage presentations.

Wedge 12 back.jpg (69135 bytes)

Yes, it's a wedge TWELVE string made for recording artist Chris Bucheit in Wisconsin (and a testimonial by same). That's very rare beeswing mahogany. He ordered it right after he received his wedge six-string made with identical materials). Unfortunately UPS trashed it on route, so all we have is this photo to remember it by.