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Work in Progress
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Stern Brazilian back on.jpg (66078 bytes) This classical guitar has just emerged from having it's back applied. The guitar is made from virtually perfect pre - CITES Brazilian rosewood back and sides which cost $500!! That's almost $1000 per board foot. (CITES is the international governing body that restricts the trade in endangered species)
A curly koa classic that's just gotten the final polishing. Nope, it hasn't been stained that color. That's all natural color, save for the natural amber tint of my finish. Tomorrow it gets strung up, set up and shipped to Modesto, California. Koa classic back 1.jpg (74953 bytes)
Wedge 12 in process.jpg (388632 bytes) My partner Harry prepares a wedge twelve string for the spray booth. That's fairly rare beeswing mahogany and a cedar top. UPS eventually trashed this guitar--but repaid the client in full.