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Learn to play the Puerto Rican cuatro

Over the coming months I will be translating a series of graded lessons for beginners on how to play the cuatro, which will appear as they are sent to me from a teacher in Puerto Rico, and as I have the time to translate them. If you are really serious about learning how to play,  and check back here from time to time for lessons as they appear.


Lesson Title Description


Important keywords to remember

1 The Notes Names of the strings and notes
2 Tuning Tuning the cuatro and sounds of the notes
3 Fingerboard The cuatro fingerboard and the notes of its frets
4 Major Scales Major scales and their notes
5 Acordes Mayores Major Chords and their tablature
6 Major Keys Major keys and how to determine acompanimient
7 Minor Scales Minor scales and their variants - Next Class
8 Minor Chords Minor chords and their tablature - Not published
9 Minor Keys Minor keys and their acompaniment - Not published
10 Seventh Chords Seventh chords and their tablature - Not published