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It is the most creative thing I have ever done!

From: Kelvin Pulker
To: [obsolete]

Dear William,

I would like to say thank you for your book "Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology". I have spent the last 12 months(some evenings and some time at weekends, I have a full time job and a family!) making my first Steel String acoustic guitar from your book. I had read another book before yours and that inspired me to make a guitar. I then came across your book whilst on a trip to San Francisco. What impressed me was the detailed explanations and the photographs showing each step clearly. I also liked the fact that your tools looked like the tools I had at home. I found that if I was stuck at any point it was probably because I had skipped over some text, re-reading the chapter was all I had to do. I made the guitar for a friend's 40th birthday present, I knew if I made it for myself I would probably never finish. He now has the guitar and is very happy with it. It sounds good and looks good too. It is the most creative thing I have ever done. I am now starting your book all over again, (it's like renewing a friendship) as I am starting my second guitar! I know I'm hooked. If I can I'll send you a photograph!


Kelvin Pulker.

I think it's FANTASTIC!

Subject: Guitarmaking: Tradition & Technology
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 04:17:37 -0500
From: "Rob Hunter"

To: William Cumpiano
From: Rob Hunter

Mr. Cumpiano,

I just saw your note in the newsgroup. Although I'm unable to attend your course, I just thought you'd like to know that I bought the book you wrote with Jonathan Natelson and I think it's FANTASTIC. I'm currently taking a part-time luthiery course at a local high-school woodshop (north of Toronto). The course is taught by a local luthier. Your book is our textbook!!! If you'd like to see step-by-step pictures of the steel-string I'm building, surf on over to:

Best regards,
Rob Hunter

The written instructions were very easy to follow!

Subject: Thanks for the book Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 17:09:32 +0000 From: "Gunter Meyer" To: CC:

Hello Mr. Cumpiano. My name is Gunter Meyer. I live in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. I have always been an avid guitar player with a driving urge to learn how to build them. There were very few opportunities or classes in our are to take instruction from so I went to Music store in Toronto called the Twelth fret. The luthiers there advised me to purchase your book. It was a great investment! Fortunately, I am a woodworking teacher in our local high school. I felt that with clear instructions I could likely build a guitar myself. Iwas right! Your book was the first and the best book I have purchased. I built the steel string guitar in accordance with your book's instructions . It's great! The written instructions were very easy to follow. The guitar history and theory were very helpful. The illustrations were excellent. After my first guitar I was hooked. I have since built eight guitars of various kinds including an archtop. My night school woodworking class has turned into a guitar bulding and repair class. There seem to be many local enthusiasts. Every guitar I build teaches me more as I have the confidence to experiment more. Thanks for the good start. If you are ever planning to lecture, teach, or otherwise come close to the Toronto area please let me know. Thanks again! Gunter Meyer (aspiring luthier)

..that book helped me to jump right in and do a first rate job right from the start!

From: "Eric J. Jensen" Organization: Smith College To:

Bill, I hav'nt looked at for over a year now, I got sick of the Martin vs. Taylor wars, but on a whim I hit it today and found your post about your new web site. Cool!!! I love the pictures, and the laid back approach. I visited you in your shop a couple years ago and bought a copy of your book. I've built 3 guitars since. The first one is EXACTLY from the book. I was so impressed with the completeness and emphasis on hand tools that I figured, why second guess the guy? The guitar is a gem, very chimey with a nice balanced tone. I'm still tring to learn how to voice the things, but I confess that I'm really guessing when I put one together. The latest one I did is a OOO style instrument with a short scale length. A dud. And I thought I had that thing all tapped to perfection, shows how much I know! But I don't care, building guitars is a blast! I'll just keep trying. I'd love to show you the guitar sometime, I know your busy, but I can't tell you how much that book helped me to jump right in and do a first rate job right from the start!

-- Eric Jensen Smith College Northampton, MA 01063 413-585-3868